8 little birds to craft

Tweet tweet! We love bird-themed makes, and there are plenty to choose from on The Making Spot! Here are 8 of our favourite little birds to stitch, knit and papercraft, including 2 freebies for you...

Little bluebird cosy - Stitch a little bluebird and turn him into a cute gadget cosy


Tweet card toppers (FREE) - Craft fun cards with one of Jo Kill's topper designs

6 school gifts - This owl keyring's so much fun - check out the comments below the project!

Sweet motifs for all occasions (FREE) - This little bird is quick and easy to cross stitch 

Christmas Songbird printable papers - Make your own Christmas cards this year 


Birds rustic tea set - Feather your nest with this beautiful set of rustic accessories

Blackbird socks - WIth blackbirds and branches, kids will love these spooky socks for Halloween!

Moments of Joy hanging - This beautiful hanging will brighten up your day


Love these? Find more bird-themed projects on The Making Spot now!