Birthday card ideas

After 5 hours of cutting, scoring, rearranging and pinning yesterday, I managed to half finish my latest papercraft project. It got me thinking... how finding the right idea can take more time than physically making it!

Birthday card ideas galore

Whenever I'm making a card, minibook or other papery project, it's thinking up the concept that takes most time. Then I take my time selecting which of my supplies to use and designing the layout . Preparing and sticking everything in place is the really fun (and speedy!) bit.

So I was chuffed to discover a nifty birthday card ideas challenge over at The Pink Stamper this morning... I'll be bookmarking this ready for the next time I need to think up a quick birthday card idea! While I never copy other people's card designs directly, I do love to look around for cute touches, embellishments and borders to try on my cards.

Loads of card makers have already submitted designs to the birthday challenge and there's a prize of free stamps to the winning design... take a look and prepare to be inspired!