Capture memories with these minibook ideas

From weddings to holidays - papercrafting mini albums is a great way to try scrapbooking and treasure happy memories of milestone moments in life! Not only are minibooks much less daunting than gazing at 12x12in pages of a full-on scrapbook, they're a perfect way to make the most of photos - making sure you treasure them and look back fondly rather than losing them forever to digital folders on your computer! We've got five lovely ideas for minibooks to get you started....

How to make a wedding minibook

WEDDING IDEAS: Who says wedding albums need to be white and silver? Swap traditional styles for bold prints in rainbow shades with Lara Watson's wedding mini book - we love the colours & textures Lara's used - read her tips for making a wedding minibook to record the special touches of the big day.

SPECIAL OCCASSIONS: Choose 10 photos: to remember a special occassion or party where you took zillions of pics! Scrapbooker Shimelle Laine first came up with this Bonfire night minibook for Scrapbook inspirations magazine - and her tips are a great way to get started making to remember a special occassion when think you have too many snaps to scrap.


DAYS OUT: Rememember days out by creating a teeny tiny fold-out minibook - this is a really neat idea from Fiona Beckman (and this tutorial comes with a downloadable template to help you make your own too)


HAPPY HOLIDAYS: Haven't got time to make a full-on 12x12in scrapbook? Try Shimelle's Vacation minibook


MOVING HOUSE: Moving into a new home is a real family milestone - so keep record of your DIY & home makeover times with Jane Dean's House-shaped minibook!