Coming soon: how to knit & crochet!

Here's a sneak peak of our latest crafty tutorial news - Jenny and me have been busy creating a series of beginners tutorials for some of our favourite crafts. Our new series of tutorials is going to launch with how to knithow to cross stitch and how to crochet. Yesterday we finished filming our yarn-based how to guides - here's a few behind the scenes shots. We think they're worth a glimpse even to oggle the lovely craft supplies & location (our neighbour, Amy's beautiful crafty kitchen). Watch this space for links to the finished tutorials - coming soon to our You Tube channel!How to crochet video tutorial prep!

The Making Spot's Jenny started off yesterday's filming session with 'How to cast on' - here she is in action!

Crochet in action!

Setting out our supplies for the 'How to knit' tutorial - obviously we had to go on a special yarn shopping trip especially (to our local yarn store - Wool) - yarn shopping is SURELY one of life's simple pleasures!

How to knit tutorial in progress

Here's a few stash shots of our crafty tutorial table - if only we got to spend every day knitting & crocheting on camera!

How to crochet arty shot   Crochet supplies   Setting up our how to crochet tutorial       

Finally - meet Holly - our little helper while filming on location! We tried to get a pic of her assisting with the knitting but she didn't sit still long enough, so here she is enjoying a little runaround in the back garden.


Hello Holly the knitting dog