Craft ideas for kids

School's out for summer! Here are some of our favourite craft ideas to keep kids busy over the holidays, including 4 great freebies for you...

Make a cute cress head (FREE) - Kids of all ages will love growing cress in this fun character!

Over the rainbow bracelet - This funky cross stitch will brighten up rainy days

Quick phone cover (FREE)- Teens can knit this easy cosy for their phones and MP3 players

How to make paper windmills (FREE) - Have a family crafternoon making cool windmills

A bug's life - This fun cross stitched tic-tac-toe game will keep them busy

Little monsters - Treat them to cool collectable buttons; older children will be able to stitch along with you

Make a chameleon card (FREE) - Kids will love making the hidden message on his roll-up tongue

6 school gifts - Go back to school in style with these easy knitted gifts


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