Craft up cute woodland animals

Squirrels, hedgehogs and dainty deer - we love woodland critters! Here are eight of our favourite woodland-themed craft projects, including a link to a fab freebie for you...

Cute deer gadget cosy - Quick and easy to stitch, this gadget cosy makes a great gift

Animal magic kids set - Knit a little hat with animal ears; choose from bunny, bear and more!

Walk in the woods papers - Make sweet birthday cards with these printable papers

Scandinavian Christmas - Stitch this festive set in cool blues and reds

Woodland tea party - Cross stitch a funky retro tea set

Woodland wonders - Craft beautiful birthday cards with your favourite patterned papers

Toadstool tank top - We love this little tank top from The Knitter magazine

Funky fox (FREE) - Get into cross stitch with this free funky fox chart


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