Crochet street art hits London

Crazy crochet art

Ooooh - just when we thought we'd peaked with our crochet high after adding more crochet patterns to The Making Spot this week... we had this incoming newsflash! In case you missed crochet street artist Olek's Crazy Crochet exhibition in New York last year, good news! Her amazing crochet art is making his UK debut! If you're in London, pop in to East London Tony's gallery before 23rd March to take a peek. She's not just famous for putting crochet on the global art scene map, she's also pretty darned clever when it comes to transforming everyday objects with her happy hoooking skills. “I do not expect to be a mother but I do expect to die alone” runs at Tony’s Gallery, 68 Sclater Street, London until 23rd March. We read about it over here and we'll be visiting at the start of March, so expect to see more pics in a few weeks here on the blog. Excited much? Woop!