Cross stitched flower cushion

As 2011 draws to an end, I can finally share with you all my favourite craft project of the year. Of all the things I've made over the past 12 months, the winner for me is a project with a very personal nature. 

Christmas flower cushion

When I saw this flower cushion cross stitch pattern by Maria Diaz I thought of my mum instantly, so when her birthday came around I set out to stitch it for her. 2 months later, nearly 6 weeks late (I'm always a little over ambitious when it comes to my craft-timing-estimates!), it was finished. I gave it to her just before Christmas, so I can finally show it off here on the blog!

Cross stitched flowers cushion

As well as being my favourite, this is my-most-time-consuming project of the year in terms of how the countless hours I spent working on it, but there is always something so essentially soothing about stitching that I enjoyed every last stitch... (well, perhaps not ALL the backstitch). As it's stitched on a fine-count linen I had to make sure I didn't trail any threads behind blank, stitch-free areas. The end result was disrupted by me running out of thread several times and ach tiny flower took more time than I expected, but I got there in the end! 

cross stitch flower pattern - initial details

The past few weeks have taught me to be very grateful for growing up with a mother who I'm close to and who is my friend and who makes me laugh and listens in equal measure. Not everyone is so lucky. So I was happy to get the chance to make her something which took above and beyond my usual craft skills. I added one last personal touch at the last minute-her initials and birthday.

It turned out finishing the cross stitch was just the first part of the challenge. I also got to use my new cushion-making skills - luckily my friend Holly helped me cut and sew everything together one evening on her old Singer sewing machine - I really enjoyed it. Even though we ended up with a cushion a bit too small for the cushion pad! I know my mum will like the fact that it's not perfect - as this shows it was made with love.

If you fancy stitching this, this cross stitch flower cushion chart is by one of my favourite cross stitch designers - the very very talented Maria Diaz. You can download it on our main site.