Face to face with embroidery art

Oooh we do love it when we come across artists embrace the spirit of crafting in their work. Daniel Kornrumpf has done just that with his series of portraits, embroidered on linen! Impressive eh?

Over the years I've been lucky enough to go along to a number of art exhibitions where hand-crafted works are shown off proudly. I've seen examples from around the world of how crafts and arts blend perfectly together  - from Mexico to Japan. So I was chuffed to discover these amazingly intricate portraits online recently - all hand stitched. Check out the details - they're incredible.

*and also... I wonder how long they took*

Embroidery portrait - austin texas

Austin Texas: our favourite bit about this is the reflected sunglasses detail & how ridiculously realistic the hair is when actually it's a series of stitches. Amazing.

Brooklyn Bobby portrait

Brooklyn Bobby detail - capturing all the shades of skin tones in one portrait - using embroidery threads - is no mean feat! Stitchy respect well-and-truly earned from us!

Focal Length detail portrait

Focal Length Detail - we like how the direction of stitches build upon the 3D feel of the shapes of the face - and we're loving the glasses (I used to have a very similar pair of NHS specs like that in the 80s!).

You can see more at danielkornrumpf.com