Free Chart: Blackwork Strawberry

What's that? At a loose end for what to stitch this weekend? Problem solved - download our free strawberry chart and try beginners blackwork today! This simple strawberry chart is easy to stitch - and we're here to show you how it's done.

Oh how we love a good freebie! This blackwork chart was first published in Cross Stitcher magazine, and they've kindly lent us a free chart for you to download - plus a step-by-step guide (the latest in our series of tutorials posts) to get you started.

 Blackwork strawberry pin cushion

Download our FREE blackwork strawberry chart by right clicking on the link (left) and saving the pdf on to your computer.

You will need: Black stranded cotton, size 26 tapestry needle, 15x15cm piece of 32 count white evenweave

Tutorial: Beginners blackwork

And here's a step-by-step guide from Cross Stitcher magazine to help you stitch your blackwork strawberry....

Blackwork strawberry tutorial - step 1

STEP 1: Work from the centre of the chart and your fabric, and use a waste knot to start your thread. Take your needle down through the fabric about 2cm from your starting point, and then bring it back up to the surface ready to start stitching.

 step 2

STEP 2: Use the chart and key as your guide, and work the first filling stitch – this is shown in blue on the chart. We’ve used two different thicknesses of thread to shade this design, so have a couple of needles threaded up to make it easier to change thicknesses.

 step 3

3 The next step is to work the second filling stitch, which is shown in black on the chart. This uses two strands for shading. Work the pattern to fill the shape, and once complete, outline the strawberry leaves using a single strand of cotton.

 step 4

4 Finally, outline the strawberry motif with a simple backstitch. Now work the pretty border, and you’ve finished your first piece of blackwork!

Stitched our strawberry?