Friday I'm in love

Happy Friday fellow spotters! With that Friday feeling well-and-truly in the air, here's a glimpse into what I'm loving in the wonderweb of crafty adventures this week...

She sells seashells...

October Afternoon's Seaside collection is floating my boat BIG time. This 'Seashells' paper also happens to handily slot in with TMS (Team Making Spot) debates about bunting vs penants. Check out the custard yellow 70s retro print Yellow bikinis too -  Oh we do love to be beside the sea....


Free sewing patterns - totes

I have a massive soft spot for Tipnut - and their round-up of 30  + Free Tote Bag Patterns & Tutorials is guaranteed to get you itching to stitch. This is my favourite - from Better homes & gardens. My sewing machine shall be a whirring this weekend!

[caption id="attachment_797" align="alignleft" width="376" caption=""]2011-03-picture-10.png[/caption]

Get your lace on...

It's not just the WI who are enjoying a resurgence (I've just been invited to go to sign up to our local branch)... hooray for the humble doily - enjoying a long-awaited revival at the mo. And big thanks to Simply Handmade blogspot for their daily dose of doilies. I'm hooked! *adds Hero Arts lace stamp to stash wish list*

[caption id="attachment_798" align="alignleft" width="600" caption=""]2011-03-etsy_andfurthermore_doily-clock.jpg[/caption]

So much yarn, so little time

Oh hello Mr Snail... I've long been a fan of any or all knitted creatures - and this nifty snail cosy is the brain child of Nifty Knits... it's bonkers but I love it! We'll be following the adventures of Graham the Snail closely on his Facebook page... and they haven't stopped at snails either - check out their St Patrick's Day Meercats on Etsy.


Hope you've all enjoyed my random pickings from the wonderweb. Happy weekends all!