Give garlands some paper TLC

String up antique-style garlands using cut up maps

Paper play doesn’t come more perfectly formed than these geometric, handmade garland ideas from Reading-based recycler & papercrafter Bookity on Etsy. All you need to make your own are a few strips of paper & some string, but I love how Bookity has taken a simple concept – paper shapes strung into garlands – to grow a striking set of geometric garlands for all occasions. 

This Handmade paper hearts maps garland – the really cool thing about this one is you get to personalise it by choosing the places that the map strips are cut from. (check out the poetry book-based variety on this idea too – although only for those who can put aside any squeamish thoughts about chopping up their beloved paperbacks!)



Jet black handmade paper hearts - spooky garland for a handmade halloween…

Festive paper garlands - bauble design

And, of course, my absolute favourite… a festive baubles  DIY paper garland! I am a big fan of classic Christmas colours being used in modern designs like this one.

I am seriously tempted to try my own version of this idea for our flat… after all I do live with a self-confessed Xmasaholic – and  it IS September… so not too early to start Christmas crafting surely?