How to: Crochet-along flower

This week I've been busy making flowers for our big crochet-along! My favourite bloom to crochet is the large rose from the Anchor's free flower necklace pattern, so I thought I'd show you how I make the flower from start to finish. Download your free pattern, then read more to see how the crochet rose grows...

The first part of the pattern creates a base for the flower - working in spirals, I create a foundation of 9 half-trebles, then work two rounds of half-trebles to make a lacy circle (see pic on left).

Now for the (slightly) tricky part! After turning my work, the pattern says to 'Work 3 ch, then work 2 tr in back loop of each st. Shortly before the end of the outer tr-rnd, fold the beginning of the tr forward and continue crocheting in a spiral, along back of work, in the front loops of the base.' So I turn the work and crochet a round of trebles. Then, instead of joining the round with a slip stitch, I keep crocheting around the front of the piece in a spiral, inserting the hook into the front loops of the previous round, like this:

Don't worry if you get a little bit lost working around the spiral - the rose is frilly enough to disguise any little mistakes!

Here's my curly-wurly rose taking shape:

For the final part of the pattern (called 'Row 2'), I work back around the spiral in the opposite direction, adding a frilly edge to the spiral of trebles:

That's it! If you'd like to join in, click here for more about our crochet-along and flower swap - you can swap your blooms with other crafters and you might even win a brilliant prize!

Jenny x