How to make an accordian mini book

Just stumbled upon this papercraft tutorial of massive awesomeness - over at book binder & paper maker Ruth Bleakley's making blog. To make your very own diddy-delight, pop on over and take a look at Ruth's full minibook photo tutorial. She's posted step-by-step pics and I can't wait to have a go. Best thing about this is all you need is some thick card, a few scraps of pretty papers and some plain paper to fold up to make the zig-zag accordian bit inside. Am already thinking up about a zillion upcoming birthdays to make them for. Not only is this a great stash-saver idea, this project feeds my nostalgia-love as it reminds me of a book-making workshop I went to at school in my teens!

This isn't the only step-by-step tutorial on Ruth's blog either - she offers up an ecclectic range of papercraft guides to tickle your fancy - from how to marble paper to how to draw an inked octopus (!). Next up Ruth's planning a tutorial on how to make these mini envelopes - I am already earmarking papers from my stash to make them with (October Afternoon much?).



And if you're more into yarn or stitching but still enjoy shopping for paper fun, take a look at Ruth's Etsy Shop - where I found this Cloud mini journal... sweeeeet! Am off to follow Ruth's lead and make tiny things from paper. Laters alligators x