How to make ribbon pom-poms

How to make pom poms

Deck out your home with red, white and blue colours for your Jubilee Street party with some pretty ribbon pom-poms! We'll show you how with this free tutorial. These pom poms have been created by Hazel Ball - of home accessories website Velvet Brown. Read on to find out how it's done!

How to make ribbon pom poms

How to make ribbon pom-poms tutorial

Each pom-pom is made up of four large bows tied together, so you need to start by making your bows...

1. To create the bows, hold some ribbon between your finger and thumb – a few inches from the end and make your first loop. Carry on creating opposite loops, like a figure of eight, pinching the middle between your finger and thumb, until you have 16 loops.

2. To finish your bow off, take another piece of ribbon and tie tightly around the middle of the loops (or figures of eight) where you have been pinching together.

3. Repeat the first two steps until you have made four bows.

4. Now you need to attach your bows together to make your pom-pom. To do this, take another piece of ribbon and tie them together around their middles. Don’t worry if your pompom looks uneven as you can tweak and pull your bows to create a perfect pompom. 

5. For a clever effect use invisible thread to hang your pompoms so they will look as though they are suspended in mid-air. (available from good craft shops). To hang your pompoms from the ceiling try using the small wire hooks from the Command range from 3M – these are perfect for damage-free hanging and are particularly useful if you're hanging your pom-poms vertically from a ceiling as the hook is hinged. 

Tip: make your pom-poms different sizes by simply making smaller or larger loops and by splitting the ribbon down the middle to make it narrower. 

How to make pom poms tutorial

All photos in this tutorial are © Jon Bradley