Interview: Emily Peacock

February is embroidery month, and we love the chance to fly the flag for all the oh-so-talented stitchers in the craftiverse! So we're hosting a week of daily posts filled with all the lovely people & websites who inspire us to have fun with thread. To kick start the week, we chat to Emily Peacock, who has led the way in making tapestry trendy again with her bright designs. She also happens to be one of our favourite designers over on The Making Spot.

Emily Peacock's retro modern fishiesEmily Peacock's new retro moderns range

When Emily Peacock launched her new Retro Moderns collection of needlepoint kits recently, we loved the retro-feel and bright colours.

So we asked her where she gets her inspiration:

"I have always considered myself to be more of a graphic designer who stitches, rather than a true crafting type," Emily told us. "I get drawn to certain styles, almost to the point of obsession, and then execute them in needlework. Mid-century design is something I have loved and collected for years and is really on trend right now. There is so much in the way of home furnishings on the market with a retro feel and yet very little needlework to compliment it, if any."Funky floral tapestry kits

Is this what inspired the Retro Moderns?

"I wanted to draw some of the colours and shapes that I love from that era and yet still retain a modern and relevant feel to my designs. The designs made bold cushions but also look fabulous as wall panels and are both fun and sophisticated. These are the first four in a series of six designs, there are two more out soon, and then I will be off following another obsession!"

So what next?

"2011 was busy for me business-wise, but not so much design-wise. My profile rose a lot in the year and I  had to learn fast and work hard to keep up with various challenges. This year will be great! I have so many new designs in the pipeline, new products in mind and will be starting a book which I'm writing alone (and taking my time over!). Although I am off in different directions, I will be adding to all my ranges throughout the year."

"My intention is to be a one-stop shop for people who love to stitch. I hope that my diverse tastes will appeal to a diverse audience and always move in a direction that keeps needlework fresh and exciting."

See more of Emily's designs!

Visit Emily Peacock Designs to see her contemporary range of beautiful tapestry and needlepoint kits. Or click on over on our main site The Making Spot to download some of her classic cross stitch patterns, including this funky tea cosy!

Funky Mum tea cosy cross stitch pattern by Emily Peacock