Join the Craftivist Jigsaw Project

The wonderful Craftivist Collective have launched an amazing new campaign to support Save the Children's Race Against Hunger - and you can join in. Read on to find out more, or click over to join the Craftivist Jigsaw Project right now!

The project aims to put hunger at the top of the agenda at the next G8 meeting, which takes place in the UK next year. It's supported by some of the biggest names in craft, including one of our favourite designers, Mr X Stitch!

To join in, the Collective are asking crafters to stitch jigsaw pieces with campaign messages - these will contribute to an art installation, and be sent to MPs to help bring the project to their attention.

To get started, you just need some fabric, thread and a needle; with these simple items, you can help bring a hugely important issue to the G8 summit.

Visit the Craftivist Collective website to join the Jigsaw Project now - you can follow everyone's progress with the #imapiece hashtag on Twitter!