Knit an earbuds cozy!

{bonkers but brilliant}This earbuds cozy knitting kit caught my eye as the latest addition to my 'must make in 2012' project list. I am a proud owner of an iphone, but am also extremely accident prone... and a lot of DIY gadget case ideas I've seen won't protect against being repeatedly dropped, banged and bumped. This knitted case however looks like it'll keep everything scratch'n'scrape free! Knitting pattern kit - earbuds cozy

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I found these knitted earphone cosy kits Uncommon Goods - each contains circular bamboo needles, 100% Merino wool, knitting pattern plus loads of other bits'n'bobs to help you knit up your own version. And it's not all the slightly-bananas craft kits they've got on offer - these crocheted headphones are a bit beyond my current budding yarn skills but they made me smile...

Crocheted headphones