Knit your own hot air balloon

Ever since watching Up, I’ve been rediscovering my childlike love of balloons. Now you can knit your own!!! With these knitted hot air balloons. They’re intended as children’s bedroom or nursery decorations – simply knit up and hang from the ceiling – but we don’t see why just kids should have fun with them.

Flying away with your very own set of knitted hot air balloons is easy. Download the Knitted Hot Air Balloons PDF pattern from Butterfly Love on Etsy, then reach for the yearn and get knitting. I especially love the seventies-style stripes and rainbow colours. Top off your finished balloon with a button or bottle top basket at the bottom – super cute!

Writing this post has given me an excuse to browse on Etsy – surely one of life’s simple pleasures? The next time you’re over there I’d seriously recommend taking a look at Butterfly Love‘s store if you’re a fan of quirky knitting patterns for kids (and grown ups!). I especially like their knitted test tubes for science fans!