Learning to crochet

Ok so I admit it - I'm a sucker for new years' resolutions! Top of my list this January is 'learn to crochet'... so armed with a book, hook & yarn (ace Christmas pressie from Lyndsey), I've been giving it my best shot and am happy to report I've cracked it! Well, the basic stitches at least. Read on to find my list of the best online tutorials plus some of the best crochet projects out there to inspire you...

 here's how we got on

At first I found myself scratching my head, squinting at You Tube and getting my yarn in a knot, watched over at the time by my mum-in-law, who also happens to be a knitting-pro - she wisely left me to it :-) However it didin't take long before I quickly found crochet surprisingly easy to pick up. Here's how I've got on so far. Stage one - basic crochet - complete! Once I got the hang of the basic stitches, I got a real buzz from feeling I was getting the hang of it - and I found it easier than knitting and EXCEEDINGLY therapeutic!

Here's some really handy crochet tutorials:

• The Making Spot's Beginner's guide to crochet (first seen in Simply Knitting magazine)

Beginner's video tutorial - this was really really handy - with lots of close ups of each stitch from All Free Crochet.

How to crochet guides from Crochet today.

Crochet projects that inspire me:

I've still a long way off until I reach the hady heights of such beautiful projects like this crochet afghan (Couverture Crochet from Nordinary)...


Crochet afghan - loving this bright idea


And I can't wait until I've got a bit of practise and can try these crochet rings - free pattern from Crochet Today.

 how to crochet rings

This is next on my list - How to crochet stars tutorial  from A Foothill Home.

How to crochet stars tutorial