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One of the perils of working on a craft website for a living, is the constant temptation of seeing lovely new craft projects appear on the site every day. It's quite a challenge resisting the urge to drop all of my other craft projects instantly, in favour of starting a new one (I've always been something of a multi-tasker in the making arena). Never has this temptation been stronger than since I became pregnant and started eyeing up all the Baby knitting patterns on The Making Spot. This Hooded baby blanket finally broke me when we published it last week...


Baby knitting pattern - blanket

It led to an unfortunate impulse online yarn shopping incident, and lo and behold, 4 new balls of King Cole Comfort Aran arrived in the post a couple of days later. And so began my latest WIP (work in progress). This pattern is the latest in our series of Quick knits - first published in Simply Knitting magazine. I've only just started but I have 11 weeks to finish it in before our new arrival makes his appearance.

I especially love the colours of this - even though we're expecing a little boy, I'm not a big fan of pink and blue for babies - I want a rainbow of colours in our nursery. I also like that this is a good pattern for beginners (I'm not the world's strongest knitter) - so I've been able to quickly pick up the pattern using knit, purl and one new addition to my knitting stitch repertoire (KfB - knit in the front and the back).

If you're new to knitting, I'd seriously recommend this as a great beginner project. I've already forgotten to change colours for the stripes twice, but I am huge believer in the philosophy that no handmade gift is complete without one or two errors to prove it was made by a real human who cares, rather than a robot. If you're new to knitting, don't miss our new video - How to knit - it's a great way to master the basics in just a few minutes!