Mostly making: Bayeux tapestry sampler

I love embroidery! It's so relaxing, and I enjoying seeing how the experience and personality of the stitcher comes out in the finished designs - I think the tentative, wobbly first stitches of the beginner look just as charming as the perfect, neat stitches of the lifelong expert.

When I found this Bayeux tapestry crewel picture on The Making Spot, I was so excited and just had to download the project. Read on to find out how I'm getting started with my own mini Bayeux scene...

Today I'm tracing the design on to cotton fabric. You can do this with a special embroidery transfer pen, but I'm using a nice sharp pencil. I've secured the fabric and paper template in an embroidery hoop to keep things steady - now I can hold the hoop up to the window and trace over all the lines.

If you'd like to stitch your own Bayeux scene, here are some links to get you started:

Bayeux tapestry crewel project on The Making Spot

Embroidery stitch library

All about the Bayeux tapestry

Be sure to share your own photos, tips and comments on the project page!

Jenny x