Mostly making: Granny square blanket

The Making Spot team are all about blankets this month. While Zoe's been busy making an old blanket look like new, I've been making a new blanket with a geeky retro look! 

This is a project I started back in April; the great thing about crocheted granny squares is that each square feels like a little achievement, so it's easier to keep going with long-term projects like this. I need about 160 squares for my blanket, so I've chosen 16 colours of wool and just work methodically through making 10 squares of each colour. I hope it'll be finished by New Year!

I find that sewing in the ends of each square is the most boring bit, so I'm sure to do it as I go along. I'd hate to finish 160 squares then have to spend days sewing in all the ends at once!

Once you've learned the basic crochet stitches, it's easy to start making granny squares. I like this tutorial by Little Tin Bird. Give it a go!

Jenny x

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