My first applique

Hooray! After much swotting up & stitching, I've just completed my first ever attempt at applique - this red & white gadget cosie, complete with home-sewn bird & flower details. I made it using a free kit I've been hoarding for months now - from an early issue of Mollie Makes magazine. It's made using linen, red-patterned fabric, a wooden button and my trusty needle & thread. 

Applique gadget cozy - sewing pattern

I think I still need quite a bit more practise before I can call myself an applique pro, but I did enjoy how simple this was - and I've been hooked on red & white craft projects for a while now, so was chuffed to discover this worked well against a linen backdrop. Read more to find out where to get the free shape templates...

While I got my supplies from a Mollie Makes kit (out of stock now), you can still download the free shape templates over on the Mollie blog - as part of their free downloads section. All you reall need is a piece of linen, some printed fabric & a needle'n'thread. I've never been the neatest stitcher, and the finishing on 'my first applique' leaves quite a lot to be desired, but I firmly believe the best way to learn how to make something is to give it a go - so this is my lesson 'in progress'! I'm still pretty proud of it, even if there are more than a few stray ends poking out. The finished cosie fits my ipod Nano & should do the job of protecting it from the bashing it's previously had sloshing around loose in my bag every day. 

Applique fabric & linen stitching detail

The case itself was quite easy to make - it just involved sewing together a piece of linen, then adding red-print-fabric shape details. If you'd like to give applique a go, try our how to applique guide. One of my favourite additions was this dinky wooden button detail... it's the kind of thing I like to add to my handmade card designs, just to add a little extra texture and interest in the finishing. It also goes to show how it was worth me hoarding a rainbow-of-embroidery threads, leftover from finished cross stitch patterns over the years - as now I can match pretty much any fabric from my threads stash.

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