Put out the flags

Now, I am a big BIG big fan of Midsomer Murders (John Nettles version of course) but have you ever noticed how whenever there is a murder 'in the summer' on the show one thing is always present, you could say 'flagging it up', think about it...BUNTING! Yes indeed.

Whether it's a church fete, a garden party or the Midsomer show there is always some brightly coloured bunting or penants lurking somewhere in the background. Hmmmmm pretty suss me thinks. Anyway, with spring well and truly here and many a royal wedding invite hitting my doormat we thought we would show you how to make some bunting to brighten up your summer shindig

Check out this brilliant bunting tutorial from craft guru Perri Lewis as featured on her Guardian craft page. Thank you Ms Lewis we LOVE it.


Credit were credit is due: Photograph: Craig Holmes Premium/Alamy


Lovely bunting from Bombay Duck


Cake bunting from Etsy seller Boobahblue what a brilliant idea!

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