Reach for your hooks! Crochet-along gathers pace

After our reminder this week, we've started seeing some lovely crochet treats cropping up from around the craftiverse as part of our Crochet-Along. We're getting together with crocheters all around the world to crochet flowers & beads. You can win prizes too - or join in the big crochet flower swap. If you haven't joined in the fun yet, it's not too late - find out where to get the free crochet patterns here, reach for your hooks & get started! In the mean time, here are a few of our recent crochet-alongers...

Crochet along

1. Craft Girl 78 has made her necklace in neutral shades - beautiful!

2. Cristina Figueiredo has gone for bright shades for a rainbow effect.

3. Thanks for the tweet @ickleangel! Gorgeous pic - your bloom looks lovely in jade green

4. Crochet Time sent some very pretty post into the Crochet Flower Swap - & blogged about it too