Scrapbook your summer holiday memories

We all love a summer holiday - but since digital cameras & camera phones took over the world, my photos are most often last seen floating around in folders on my laptop, hard drive or Drop box! I'm rubbish at printing them out and savouring them. So my resolution this summer is to show them off in a minibook or album so I can remember my holiday earlier this summer in St Ives, Cornwall. Why not join me in this plan of action?! Here are a few of my favourite ideas for scrapbooking your summer holiday snaps... read more to be inspired!

Make a scrapbook from paper bags

This is a really fun idea (above) by Julie Kirk - create a book from paper bags - Julie shows you how to transform plain brown paper bags into a holiday memories journal! 



Die-cutting is a great way to make your own page accents to finish off your holiday snaps - Stacie Rogers has some great ideas (above) to try in this Minibreak minibook project.

DIY fold-out scrapbook project

How to make a fold-out scrapbook - this is a nifty way of treasuring memories and photos in one place, if you're a bit daunted by the prospect of filling a whole 12x12in scrapbook! This article comes with a free shape template for you to use to make your fold-out book too.

Vacation mini book

Make a vacation minibook - this 4x4in minibook project (above) by Shimelle Laine is the perfect size to hold standard size photo prints!

How to make a keepsake box





How to make a keepsake box - if a book doesn't float your boat, try saving tickets & mementos in this keepsake box - designed by super scrapbooker Jane Dean