Stitch a little costume drama

Just discovered the oh-so-dashing Mr Darcy from Pride & Prejudice is now available to cross stitch over on Etsy! Cross stitching in front of period drama DVDs might just be one of life's greatest simple pleasures for me, so this is a very exciting new merging of my interests... read more to get the pattern!

Mr Darcy cross stitch pattern

This handsome chap is the fine work of The Time is Now on Etsy! Choose between Mr Darcy cross stitch pattern or Elizabeth Bennett! You get the pdf pattern so you can stitch it on any fabric you choose (SURELY these classics would look best on linen?)  and they only use a few thread shades so they won't break the bank to stitch. Just when we thought Wee Little Stitches had Etsy's cult cross stitch TV & movie market covered! What will they think of to stitch up next?

And if period dramas aren't your thing, never fear - hop on over to our own main site for more downloadable cross stitch patterns!