Tutorial: how to make 3D paper stars

This week we've learned how to turn old pages from books, sheet music and maps into vintage decorations, so we thought we'd share the love and show you how too! We do love a spot of 3D paper play, and with the holiday season upon us this is a great quick project to knock up in a lunch hour or evening - make some to add some twinkle to your own tree or whip up a batch for last-minute personalised stocking fillers.

Make a quick vintage decoration with our step-by-step tutorial

Click 'read more' to see our full  step-by-step guide tutorial for how to make a 3D paper star.  Or click on over to our main site for more Handmade decoration projects. Thanks to my friend Jo from Computer Arts magazine for the recipe. She learnt it off her mum - proving our theory that all the best craft skills are those passed down to us from our friends and family! 

Step 1: Start by cutting a square of paper from an old book, sheet of music or map (if you can't bear to chop up books, Printable Heaven have downloadable Christmas carol music papers for 25p per sheet.

How to make a paper star decoration step 1

Step 2: Take your first square and fold it in half, then in half again and in half again - to form a triangle like this. 

How to make a paper star decoration step 2

Step 3: Fold your triangle in half one more time, to form a dart shape - a bit like as if you were making a paper aeroplane - like this...

How to make a paper star decoration step 3

Step 4: You'll notice in the previous pic, there was a triangle of excess paper popping out from the top of the dart shape. Chop off this excess so the top of your 'dart' is level. Now it should look like this...

Step 5: Open up your dart so it's flat and you'll see you end up with a paper octagon shape with lots of lines folded in it. Don't worry if your paper pattern or text doesn't line up neatly - this won't matter later on.

How to make a paper star decoration step 5

Step 6: Working along the outer edge of your shape, for every straight line edge, snip a slit going from the central point along this outer edge in towards the central point of your shape. Use your fold line to guide you. You shouldn't snip all the way into the centre, but leave about a centimetre/half an inch in the middle - as this will hold your shape together in the next stage. You should end up with eight 'sections' of the shape, each with a fold down the centre.

 step 6

Step 7. Now the first piece of your star will start to take shape. Take each section and roll the oter pointed tip into a cone shape. Like this.... once you've rolled all eight pieces into cones in this way, you'll end up with one completed section of your star. Repeat the previous steps with a few more squares of paper - we've used six in our example but you can use more or less and your star will become thinner or more packed. It's really up to you!

Step 8: Once all the pieces of your star are cut, folded & rolled up, layer them all on top of each other and pierce a hole through their centres. Tie some string through this hole to secure them together and this will double up as a loop for you to hang your decoration with!

How to make a paper star decoration - final step:

Each decoration will take you about 15 minutes to make, although you'll probably speed up once you've made the first one or two!