{tutorial} How to make a quilled heart card

Earlier this week, I rediscovered an old love affair with a papercraft technique that has lay, neglected, in my making repertoire for some time now... quilling!

How to quill a heart card - you'll be amazed how quick this is to make

I first got into quilling in my teens. By then it was already established that I loved to make things, especially from paper, but I was ready to graduate to more complex techniques. So I used to coil, curl and spring shapes to form the most complex of card designs - from butterflies to fire-breathing dragons. Since then, my quilling stash of rainbow papers and tiny tools has sadly gathered dust, luckily well-preserved in my craft stash as I never throw anything away.

Quilled heart anniversary card

This week, two very special couples I know are celebrating their wedding anniversaries (including my parents). When I scanned my craft kit for supplies to make them a romance-themed card, my eyes fell upon my long-neglected quilling stash. So I decided to dust it down and give it a go.

I kept it simple with this quilled heart card, mainly as I wasn't confident my quilling skills had survived the test of time. It turns out my abilities are pretty rusty in places (as is this photograph I'm afraid), but essentially I have concluded: you never forget the basics.

Add a quilled heart and ribbon length to add interest

I do, however, seem to have forgotten how to get tidy results with glue! As this close-up shows (as I don't believe in only posting about perfectly finished projects), I was a bit too slap-dash with my adhesive application. Even though I used a transparent glue, it showed up more than I realised. I think next time I'll go a bit more lightly with it and be sparing with where I put my sticky fingers! Here I touched the ribbon along my card's base and accidentally marked it.

To make your own version of this design would be really simple...

How to make a quilled heart card {tutorial}

  1. Take selection of quilling papers (I've used red, orange and pink) and break each into half lengths.
  2. Now using a quilling tool (they're inexpensive and easy to use if you don't already own one), coil up a batch of circles. Secure each one with a dab of Glossy Accents adhesive (or you can just use PVA for this if you prefer). You'll need about 30 coils to make this card.
  3. Once your circles are complete, pinch each one at the end and squeeze slightly to form a tear drop shape.
  4. Now draw a heart shape on to a piece of scrap card and cut out to create a heart aperture. Place this on to the front of a card blank and this will be your template for creating the heart shape.
  5. Fill the heart aperture with your quilled shapes. A good tip is to start by sticking the shapes around the inside edge of the heart template - to form the outer edge of your heart. Now remove the template and fill in the central area with quilled teardrops.
  6. Again, use a wet, transparent glue to stick the coils in shape and don't worry about being too exact - the results will look impressive, even if they're not exactly symmetrical!
  7. Finish your card by adding a length of ribbon and a couple of tear drops to form one final heart accent in the bottom corner. I hand-lettered the words 'happy anniversary' but wasn't massively happy with this so you might want to use rub-ons or a sticker or embellishment to add your greeting.