Tutorial: sequin birthday card

Here's a quick card idea to try if you've got big birthdays coming up for your family and friends this summer!

Sequin sparkle birthday card

I came up with this card idea for my 'little' brother's thirtieth birthday. This is a nifty little card idea if you've got big-number-birthdays or anniversaries coming up in your family or friends. I was really pleased with how it came out and it's relatively quick to make (should take about 20 minutes, plus glue drying time!). Plus it's a great basic to add to your card making repertoire as all you need is a card blank, some paper/card basics, PVA glue and a bunch of sequins from your stash.

(apologies for the slightly blurred photo - I took this on my phone at the time but the real thing lives in his house so I've been unable to capture a better close up shot!)

You can also switch the colours to adapt the occasion - make it gold for a 25th wedding anniversary, or adapt the colours to suit teen favourites for an 18th birthday!

How to make a sequin sparkly birthday card

Step 1: Take a red card blank (or cover the front of a plain white card with red paper). Add a rectangle of patterned paper to the front - I've used black and white polka dots.

Step 2: Cut two large numbers from thick plain red card.  I hand drew mine but if you're not too confident of your drawing skills, try typing the numbers you want into a Word document using a chunky font like Arial, then printing them out at large scale and using this as your template. I recommend using thick card for this as you're going to be adding wet glue in stage 3, so too-thin cardstock can have a tendancy to buckle.

Step 3: Taking one at a time, cover each card number with a liberal coating of PVA, then simply cover with sequins! If you like to keep tidy, a pair of tweezers can come in handy at this stage to avoid getting your fingers covered in glue!

Step 4: Leave the numbers to dry, then stick in place in the middle of your card front, raised up on to sticky foam pads for a 3D effect.