Tutorial: waste canvas

With waste canvas, you can add cross stitch to everything! Simply tack it to your fabric, stitch up a storm, then watch the canvas disappear. We're here to show you how it's done...

Step-by-step: How to stitch on to waste canvas

Tutorial - how to stitch on to waste canvas

STEP 1: Allow an extra 4cm around your design and cut a piece of waste canvas to size. Line up the waste canvas threads with the grain of your fabric using the horizontal blue threads to help and tack the canvas securely to your fabric.

 how to stitch on waste canvas

STEP 2: Start your thread with a waste knot and bring your needle up through the centre of the waste canvas block, taking care not to pierce the waste canvas threads.

 how to stitch on waste canvas

STEP 3: Once complete, remove your tacking threads and trim the excess canvas leaving at least 1.5cm of canvas around the design. Dampen the area with a little water to help dissolve the adhesive coating on the canvas.

 how to stitch on waste canvas

STEP 4: Now for the fun bit! You get to remove the waste canvas threads - gently pull each thread individually. Use a pair of tweezers to help and keep them low to the fabric to prevent your stitching being distorted.

So that's how it's done. Thanks to our favourite cross stitch pros over at Cross Stitcher magazine for their help with this free tutorial. Now armed with your new skills you can join us in taking the advice we got from Mr X Stitch at his talk during March's stitch & craft show'see it, stitch it'!

Have you had fun stitching on to waste canvas?