What a hoot: fabric owls

When it comes to sewing projects, I am a self-confessed novice. I yearn to get fancy with fabric, but my skills let me down. So I was chuffed to make a fabric owl this week, with a little help with my friends.

Hand-sewn fabric owls - why not make your own?

These chirpy chappies were the results of a group craft session with my friends Holly and Jo. The aim? To make cute keepsakes for our friend Kim's birthday gift - a box of momentos to celebrate her thirtieth birthday.

These fabric owls are a great starter sewing project

Here they are having exploring my desk before being handed over to the birthday girl. I found an online tutorial on Cutoutandkeep (by by owl-addict Brenda D) and we decided to each make our own owl. They're partly inspired by a cushion in the same design that Kim has - affectionately nicknamed 'goggles'. They were pretty easy to make and quick to whip up - in less than an hour - so the perfect lunchtime craft project!

Fabric owl pic in the style of Mollie Makes magazine

We each made an owl - with the intention it would represent us as Kim's friends in the mementos box. Of the three of us, however, it quickly emerged Jo's sewing skills shone out! this is her effort - isn't he cute? he's also immaculately sewn into place. This hand-cupped photo is inspired by the oh-so-beautiful photographs on the cover of Mollie Makes magazine.

Fabric owl project - make them in less than an hour

I was lucky enough for my friends to cut up the fabric pieces for me - all I had to do was sew it all together. Mine is the middle owl in this gaggle of fabric friends -  look closely and you can see my woeful efforts at attaching a little felt beak!

Fabric owls in birthday keepsake box

And here they are taking up pride of place in the birthday box - I'll blog about the whole box project later as it's a nifty idea to celebrate big birthdays or special occasions. These owls deserved a special post all to themselves though - as they were my favourite project from the whole box.

Speaking of sewing, I've been fabric shopping this week to treat myself to some stash to get cracking on some projects from Cath Kidston's Sew book (a Christmas pressie from lovely new sister-in-law).  I'll  report back about my adventures in stitchery over the coming months!