7 ways to craft it vintage

We've noticed a trend across the craftiverse in using old books, maps or sheets of music for papercraft projects. We do love a spot of paper play and love looking back for inspiration for our future making projects. But while we love the vintage look, we're a bit squeamish when it comes to atcually cutting up old our beloved old books... It just feels a bit wrong! So we've scoured our projects over on The Making Spot to round up our favourite ways to give your crafting an antique feel that vintage-fans will love. Read more to discover 7 easy vintage craft ideas...

Vintage craft ideas

Scrapbooking ideas & tutorials

Get scrapbooking ideas from Scrapbook inspirationsScrapbook inspirations magazine is sadly no longer available as a printed magazine, but the good news is some of the best projects are now free to browse on The Making Spot! In our newly-launched scrapbooking section.

Now you can find your favourite projects and designers from Scrapbook inspirations magazine all in one place. We've got some great ways you can use our scrapbook ideas without any previous scrappy skills! Whether you've never scrapped before or you've already caught the bug and are looking for ideas, here's a few ways we're here to help. If you love to play with paper, why not treat yourself & subscribe to Papercraft inspirations?

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With our tips from the pros. Here Shimelle Laine shows us how to keep page layouts simple.

Scrapbook ideas

Delicious DIY home ideas

PhotobucketI first came across Anita Mundt through her scrapbooking and photography (she used to design projects for Scrapbook inspirations magazine). But I've just discovered that paper and pics aren't her only crafty-specialities! She's able to whip up beautiful projects from fabric and crochet too. If you're on Pinterest, check out her My Creations board. Anita made this wooden poef covered in vibrant print fabric and bobble trim last year. LOVE it! Reminds me of the stools we used to perch on when little in my grandparents house - but with a modern-day twist! 




Here's a few more of my favourites....