Capture memories with these minibook ideas

From weddings to holidays - papercrafting mini albums is a great way to try scrapbooking and treasure happy memories of milestone moments in life! Not only are minibooks much less daunting than gazing at 12x12in pages of a full-on scrapbook, they're a perfect way to make the most of photos - making sure you treasure them and look back fondly rather than losing them forever to digital folders on your computer! We've got five lovely ideas for minibooks to get you started....

How to make a wedding minibook

Scrapbook your summer holiday memories

We all love a summer holiday - but since digital cameras & camera phones took over the world, my photos are most often last seen floating around in folders on my laptop, hard drive or Drop box! I'm rubbish at printing them out and savouring them. So my resolution this summer is to show them off in a minibook or album so I can remember my holiday earlier this summer in St Ives, Cornwall. Why not join me in this plan of action?! Here are a few of my favourite ideas for scrapbooking your summer holiday snaps... read more to be inspired!

Make a scrapbook from paper bags

7 ways to craft it vintage

We've noticed a trend across the craftiverse in using old books, maps or sheets of music for papercraft projects. We do love a spot of paper play and love looking back for inspiration for our future making projects. But while we love the vintage look, we're a bit squeamish when it comes to atcually cutting up old our beloved old books... It just feels a bit wrong! So we've scoured our projects over on The Making Spot to round up our favourite ways to give your crafting an antique feel that vintage-fans will love. Read more to discover 7 easy vintage craft ideas...

Vintage craft ideas

Scrapbooking ideas & tutorials

Get scrapbooking ideas from Scrapbook inspirationsScrapbook inspirations magazine is sadly no longer available as a printed magazine, but the good news is some of the best projects are now free to browse on The Making Spot! In our newly-launched scrapbooking section.

Now you can find your favourite projects and designers from Scrapbook inspirations magazine all in one place. We've got some great ways you can use our scrapbook ideas without any previous scrappy skills! Whether you've never scrapped before or you've already caught the bug and are looking for ideas, here's a few ways we're here to help. If you love to play with paper, why not treat yourself & subscribe to Papercraft inspirations?

Get more from your pages...

With our tips from the pros. Here Shimelle Laine shows us how to keep page layouts simple.

Scrapbook ideas

Adventures in scraplifting

Congralations to my new cousins Cassie & Dale on the arrival of baby Malachi! New babies are always a lovely excuse to reach for my card making kit, and I really enjoyed making this new baby card to welcome Malachi into the world. This shaped baby card was inspired by word-shaped-mini books – it’s also my first attempt at scraplifting – taking someone else’s layout I love and making it my own.

I got the idea for this new baby card after spying a ‘FAMILY’ word-mini album by Jane Dean in an old issue of Papercraft inspirations magazine. I loved the design and the idea of using it as inspiration - and converting a card front into four layers of letters to spell out a word appealed to me. (I’ve become a bit hooked on making cards with fun shapes or apertures lately.) So I sketeched out the word ‘BABY’ on to a card blank – then used this as my template to reach for my patterned papers.