Merry Christmas from The Making Spot x

If you're reading this on Christmas day, we'd like to wish you all a very happy (and crafty of course!) Christmas from The Making Spot.  It's been such a pleasure spending the past year with you all. Our highlight of the year has to be seeing our brand new craft site launched this October!Perfect Poinsettias

We're looking forward to see you all in the happy new year - cheers to a 2012 that's filled with all sorts of new crafty adventures. *raises glass of sherry* Oh and on the off chance you fancy a wee craft session today, read on to find our tutorial for how to make 3D flower cards. We'll see you in the new year,

Zoe x

Tutorial: how to make 3D paper stars

This week we've learned how to turn old pages from books, sheet music and maps into vintage decorations, so we thought we'd share the love and show you how too! We do love a spot of 3D paper play, and with the holiday season upon us this is a great quick project to knock up in a lunch hour or evening - make some to add some twinkle to your own tree or whip up a batch for last-minute personalised stocking fillers.

Make a quick vintage decoration with our step-by-step tutorial

Click 'read more' to see our full  step-by-step guide tutorial for how to make a 3D paper star.  Or click on over to our main site for more Handmade decoration projects. Thanks to my friend Jo from Computer Arts magazine for the recipe. She learnt it off her mum - proving our theory that all the best craft skills are those passed down to us from our friends and family!