Embroidery art makes us happy

It never ceases to amaze us when we see new ways of using stitching in design - and one of our favourite hobbies here on team TMS is looking out for handcrafted images in adverts, design and shopfronts. So we were chuffed to discover the beautiful home-sewn artwork of MaricorMaricar - spotted while browsing Computer Arts' inspiration gallery this week...Hungry Colours

Papercraft fun: Try art journaling

Ever feel like your head is filled with too many ideas? Always fancied keeping a diary? Fancy doing a bit of snipping and sticking just for the fun of it? Then you might enjoy art journaling!

Art journaling is very similar to scrapbooking, but while scrapbooking is often about capturing moments and preserving memories, art journaling is about what you're thinking right now! It's a great way to try out techniques, get a bit messy, and create something that's totally you. Read on to find some of our favourite links and tips, and get started today...

Interview: Mr X Stitch

As part of our embroidery month series, we've delved into the stitchtastical mind of Mr X Stitch. The King of all things weird and wonderful in the craftiverse, he's just gathered up his favourite boundary-pushing stitchers and featured them in his book PUSH Stitchery (including the wonderful Gillian Bates, creator of this beach hut canvas). Read more to see what he's been up to lately & find out the strangest surface he's ever seen stitched!

Crochet street art hits London

Crazy crochet art

Ooooh - just when we thought we'd peaked with our crochet high after adding more crochet patterns to The Making Spot this week... we had this incoming newsflash! In case you missed crochet street artist Olek's Crazy Crochet exhibition in New York last year, good news! Her amazing crochet art is making his UK debut! If you're in London, pop in to East London Tony's gallery before 23rd March to take a peek. She's not just famous for putting crochet on the global art scene map, she's also pretty darned clever when it comes to transforming everyday objects with her happy hoooking skills. “I do not expect to be a mother but I do expect to die alone” runs at Tony’s Gallery, 68 Sclater Street, London until 23rd March. We read about it over here and we'll be visiting at the start of March, so expect to see more pics in a few weeks here on the blog. Excited much? Woop!

Art meets cross stitch

This made me smile today... artist Nils Viga Hausken makes art from cross stitch... love it! His cross stitched QR code does actually work when you scan it...

His blend of stitching and artwork also includes public embroidery exhibition (where visitors who came along each embroidered secrets in braille) and a self portrait in cross stitch on linen.

Cross stitch QR codes

Nils' artwork got me thinking about some of the art-inspired projects we've got on offer over on The Making Spot. With our downloadable charts you can cross stitch some of the world's most famous masterpieces...

Stitch your own sunflowers with this chart by Maria Diaz...

Super-sized cross stitches

When it comes to cross stitch, we've got our fair share of big cross stitch charts over at The Making Spot, but now we've discovered Jessica Decker's giant wall stitches, we're feeling a bit small scale! We love it when craft and art meet...

Face to face with embroidery art

Oooh we do love it when we come across artists embrace the spirit of crafting in their work. Daniel Kornrumpf has done just that with his series of portraits, embroidered on linen! Impressive eh?

Home is... where the craft is

Now it's established we love a spot of yarn fun... and after yarn bombing we thought we'd seen it all. That is until we discovered the latest exhibition in New York!