Enjoying The Simple Things

We can't wait for the first issue of The Simple Things to hit the shops next month! This new monthly magazine celebrates all those little things that make life good, from dinner with friends to a walk in the woods. If you fancy a sneak peek, you can check out the free sampler here!

Crochet biscuits... crumb-free!

 Jammy Dodger biscuit

I'm not sure about you, but I personally am a huge fan of the humble jammy dodger (it's one of my favourite nostalgic biscuits as it reminds me of my mum's biscuit tin when I was growing up). Here on The Making Spot we're often found nibbling on them as an energy boost to fuel our latest craft projects. Now you can cook up a batch of your own that are entirely calorie free with this free crochet pattern for DIY jammy dodgers from blogger According to Matt. Crumbs! What a nifty idea... 


Cupcakes in stitches

I've recently enjoyed one of my favourite ever simple pleasures - a cross stitch marathon! I have a fondness for baking as well as stitching, so I set out to  stitch a couple of cupcakes last weekend. The patterns for these cupcake designs are taken from a back issue of Cross Stitcher magazine, from a summer party set they featured a couple of years ago. Luckily I never throw anything away and love to hoard charts to stitch for later, so this was in my 'cut out and keep' charts file!

Perfect pumpkin ideas

How to make perfect pumpkins Flickr gallery

You don't have to reach for the carving knife to get in on the pumpkin action this year - turn to your favourite craft and crochet them, stitch them, twist them, paper-cut them... To give you an inspiration-boost, we've put together our very own Flickr gallery of our favourite pumpkin makes. 

 embroidered pumpkin tote Trick or Treat Tote by The Sometimes Crafter - download the free pattern from Sometimes Crafter & try it yourself!