Spring inspirations

We're loving all the spring craft ideas out there in the craft universe at the mo. To celebrate our favourites, we've added a new gallery of spring inspirations to Flickr - and this new baby card by Lara Watson is topping our 'must make' lists this week.

Tutorial: French knots

For years of my life, French knots have had my stitching knickers in a twist. Despite numerous friends and crafty co-workers attempting to show me the light, the 'nack' of twisting thread into nifty knots has always eluded me... up until now! I've cracked it! and next on my wish list is to stitch some leaping sheep like these by Incy Wincy Stitches. Find out the secrets with this step-by-step guide...

Why I love crafting

There's excitement in the air here at The Making Spot. Me and my crafty companion Lyndsey are going to be spending the coming days, weeks and months sharing our latest makes with you on our new blog, while scouring the wonderweb for inspiration.