Enjoying The Simple Things

We can't wait for the first issue of The Simple Things to hit the shops next month! This new monthly magazine celebrates all those little things that make life good, from dinner with friends to a walk in the woods. If you fancy a sneak peek, you can check out the free sampler here!

7 DIY gift ideas for gardeners

 vintage seed packets

Grow your own gifts for green-fingered friends & family with our favourite projects to knit, stitch or craft for gardening lovers in your life! Read more to see our favourite handmade gift ideas, or sneak a peak at  our full range of gardening-themed craft projects.

Sewing the seeds

I've always longed to grow my own herbs, yet sadly I'm not blessed with green fingers. So I've turned to crafting some! Just finished stitching a set of herbs to brighten up my new kitchen!