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Knit your own iphone case

What kind of craft project can you just not resist? One thing we love about working in the world of making things is how we constantly discover friends who love to make a favourite type of project  again and again. From quilts (my friend Holly) to baby knits (my mum-in-law Maureen) to beautiful mitts & vintage garments (like my friend Mim)... it seems that often we crafters love to make particular projects again and again.

So what's your 'knitting profile'?

We're finding that making small projects - like accessories and bags - are hugely popular when people are searching for us at The Making Spot - so we've got a little inspiration round up for you. With Father's Day coming up, here are a few ideas for DIY bags & cosies for the men in our lives...

Get crafting for the Jubilee

Just in case you missed our Jubilee Street Party last weekend, it's not too late to reach for your craft kit! Here's a round-up of projects & freebies we rounded up to get you started...

Get crafting for the Royal Jubilee!

Get knitting for the jubilee!

A warm welcome to Simply Knitting and The Knitter magazines - they're joining our Jubilee street party by rounding-up their favourite patriotic knititng patterns... Check out Simply Knitting's favourite jubilee knitting finds or take a peek at The Knitter's favourite red, white & blue knits

Tuck in! Fun ways to make Easter eggs

It is my firm believe that Easter crafting is enjoying a resurgance! What with the colours, the themes & the all-round craft revolution that's sweeping the nation at the mo, this really is one of the most fun times of year to reach for your craft stash. Read on to find out some great ways to make your own Easter eggs... you've still got a few days to make these - I'm speed-stitching some for next weekend!

Knitted easter eggs

7 ways to craft it vintage

We've noticed a trend across the craftiverse in using old books, maps or sheets of music for papercraft projects. We do love a spot of paper play and love looking back for inspiration for our future making projects. But while we love the vintage look, we're a bit squeamish when it comes to atcually cutting up old our beloved old books... It just feels a bit wrong! So we've scoured our projects over on The Making Spot to round up our favourite ways to give your crafting an antique feel that vintage-fans will love. Read more to discover 7 easy vintage craft ideas...

Vintage craft ideas

10 homemade home ideas

10 of the best home craft ideasLately we're finding most of the things we make, we give away. What with new babies, weddings, christenings & anniversaries - there always seems to be an occassion to make gifts for - but it's time to KEEP some of our home grown projects! 

So if you're reading this, join us in a resolution to make more things 'just for me'. We've rounded up 10 of our favourite homemade home knitting patterns & cross stitch charts. Pick your favourite and get making.. your challenge is - to keep the results for your own living room or kitchen or hallway or bedroom!

Oh and show us a photo on Flickr or Facebook of your finished project of course...


7 craft ideas for men

Wondering what to make for the man in your life? We've rounded up our favourite manly makes to get your creative juices flowing!

Chinese New Year craft ideas

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! What better way to see in the year of the dragon than with a spot of making. We've rounded up our favourite free downloads, tutorials and ideas for crafting for Chinese New year...

 how to make your own oriental card toppers idea

6 best British craft projects

With this year's Jubilee ahead, union jacks are fluttering all over the craft world. Here's a few of our favourite project ideas for great british makes... from union jacks to red, white & blue bunting! Read on to find links to these red, white & blue makes...

5 of the best Great British craft projects

Colour me happy: 6 Fair Isle knitting patterns

Knit up some Fair Isle fun and brighten up those gloomy January nights! Here's a few of our favourite Fair Isle knitting patterns...