Have yourself a very cross stitched Christmas!

Every single year we look back and think 'if only I'd stitched more of my presents', or 'if only I'd made more of my Christmas cards'. It all starts with good intentions and gorgeous charts in October, and then by the time Christmas comes you've only stitched half of what you wanted. Ironically, we then spend the entire Christmas holiday stitching three year's worth of presents!

We couldn't help but share this fabulous blog post by Emily from Family Fordham, who has had the most cross-stitched Christmas we've ever seen! From cards to gifts and decorations galore, Emily's house is jam-packed with handmade delights this Christmas!

Turn your old t-shirts in to a ball of yarn!

If you're having a pre-Christmas clear out or you're already planning what to do with unwanted Christmas clothing, then we've stumbled across a tutorial we think you're going to love! Head over to Time for Tea, where blogger Jess teaches you how to recycle old t-shirts into a big ball of yarn - perfect for knitting into wintery accessories. We're thinking hats, scarves and mittens!