My crochet blanket grows (slowly)

I thought it was about time I shared with you the project I am working on at the mo. 

I am usually pretty shy at showing my work in progress as I am never sure how it work out, but seeing as the main bulk of this little lovely is done I thought I would give you a peek!

It's a blanket!

It started off as a present for my soon-to-arrive nephew but then, you know how it goes, I thought I would rather keep it (Sorry sis)! We had our first log fire at the weekend and as I must admit it was a real incentive for me to crack on with it and get it finished before it's too warm!


I was inspired to make the blanket when I saw a similar multi-coloured version at my local yarn shop Wool. Laura who owns the shop has a lovely mulitcoloured version spread over her Sticth & Bitch sofa.

Oh how lucky, she has a pic of it on her blog!