New baby = crafterama!

This week I was very please to welcome into the world my very own real life nephew. He's my first and totally the cutest sweetest thing you have ever seen in your life #barf #bias #natch.

We were all eager for his arrival espesh my lil' sis who was very glad to 'get him out' as it were, as not only was he causing havoc with her ribs, the overdue like tyke weighed in at a whopping 12.2lbs! Poor girl. 

Coming from a crafty family there have been lots of little projects on the go. My mum, his granny, had been knitting away to make him little outfits and when he finally arrived all sorts of people came out of the woodwork like the three wise men bearing all sorts of crafty gifts.

I think the arrival of a new baby has to one of the most celebrated events in people's lives and there is no better way to mark the occasion with a thoughtful made by hand giftlet.

You may be wondering what the Hello Kitty have I made for little Jasper, but as it's still a WIP i'll keep it under wraps for now if you don't mind.

Like you the web is always my first stop for initial inspiration so I thought I would show you some I have found. 

How cool are these little moccasins from Purl Bee. They're perfect for your mini eskimos.

You can find the pattern over at their blog which we think it so darn generous.

Nappies don't have to look unsightly anymore with these stylish nappy cover baby bloomers from Lumiere via Folksy.