How Tuesday: Get hooked on crochet

Crochet has to be without doubt my most favourite skill I have picked up over the last few years.

How Tuesday: double crochet

It's Tuesday again peeps so it's time for another lesson in how to do. This week we are picking up our hooks and going loopy as we show you how to double crochet.

How Tuesday: making pom poms

If you are a regular visitor to The Making Spot you will know I have two loves, pom poms and gadgets, so imagine my delight when I was given a real life pom pom maker - craft heaven!


And now for the final post in our Top 10 Crochet Tips series...


Unless you are making a chain space, you can insert your hook under both top loops when working into a previous row.


Don't cut the ends of your work too short, but instead weave loose ends into the fabric, to avoid the short ends coming loose.

Get some vintage in your life

On Sunday when I was cruising my local car boot, I came across a 'new' old Singer sewing machine for the bargain sum of £24.


If you have run out of stitch counters try using paper clips. Safety pins are even better as they are easier to put on and take off.


Remember when double crocheting in rows you always ch 1 before turning. It's usual to then begin the next row in the first st after your turn. This very first st is easy to miss, so don't forget that it is the st just below your turning ch.


Old plastic lids from tubs make great bobbins for crochet yarn and smaller lids are idea for embroidery or crochet thread.