Make a shrink plastic ruler gauge

We love using shrink plastic, but sometimes it's hard to know exactly how small our designs will turn out! Here's a clever tip that can help - make a shrink plastic ruler gauge! When you measure any hand-drawn or stamped design with a standard ruler, you can look at the shrink plastic ruler to work out how big it will be once shrunk.

Knit in the round with The Knitter

Knitters! Don't miss The Knitter's masterclass on knitting in the round. This fab four-part guide guides you through the benefits of knitting in the round, joining and cast on methods, plus how to use double-pointed and circular needles. 

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How Tuesday: make crochet flowers

I don't know about you but I've been absolutely relishing the sunny weather. After a hard winter and now a warm spring, I have my fingers crossed the seasons have decided on a game plan and will stick to it.


Unless you are making a chain space, you can insert your hook under both top loops when working into a previous row.