How to make a t-shirt flower

I don't know about you but I'm forever rummaging around my flat chasing the quest of the 'big clear out' . This involves me gathering up a charity bag then rummaging around for tops, skirts & accessories that are living poor, neglected lives in my drawers. So I do love it when I stumble upon cool ideas for upcycling garments that I no longer wear.

I stumbled upon this nifty tutorial for how to make a t-shirt flower over on beautiful craft blog A Bit of Sunshine - it includes step-by-step instructions for how to snip, gather & fold scraps of material from your old tops into blooming embellishments & brooches. And if you like the scarf, they've even got a tutorial for how to make that too! 

If you're a fan of online tutorials, you'll be happy to hear we're adding daily new additions to our own fledgling collection of how to guides in a range of crafts over on our main site. We've got some great beginners guides like hold your crochet hook plus essential embroidery stitches and lots more. Hop on over & take a look!