Happy Apple Day!

Today is National Apple Day here in the UK so what better time to share a veritable windfall of our favourite apple crafty projects. And why the devil not. 

What crafts tickle your fancy? Perhaps you're a stitcher. If so then your might like this little taste of apply goodness in a project from our very own Cross Stitch Collection mag. You can download the pattern from our brand new website The Making Spot so we reckon this could be a good opportunity! 


Gorgeous new cross stitch projects

We're so excited about our all-new cross stitch projects, fresh from the latest issues of Cross Stitch Collection and CrossStitcher. There are lots of gorgeous ideas for Autumn plus great Christmas gifts to start stitching now. Read on for more info and links, plus find out how you can share your tips and photos with us!

A spot of cool cross stitch

Cross stitch moustache pattern from Cross Stitcher magazine

Over the years I've stitched pretty things, nifty things, impressive things...  but very rarely COOL things! I've been cross stitching since I was about 11 years old - starting off with Country Companions hedgehogs & mice, and graduating over the years to family gifts, seaside scenes & quick-stitch cards. But now I can add a project to my repetoire that is super cool - and I love the results! Here's a pic of my latest stitching project - proudly on display in the June issue of Cross Stitcher.

Stitch a little costume drama

Just discovered the oh-so-dashing Mr Darcy from Pride & Prejudice is now available to cross stitch over on Etsy! Cross stitching in front of period drama DVDs might just be one of life's greatest simple pleasures for me, so this is a very exciting new merging of my interests... read more to get the pattern!

Mr Darcy cross stitch pattern

Free Emily Peacock cross stitch chart

Have you heard? CrossStitcher is celebrating its 20th Birthday!

As a special treat, Emily Peacock has designed a Happy Birthday cross stitch pattern, and they're gifting it to our lovely blog-readers (I know, we’re too good to you). This fab free chart also fits pretty neatly in with our embroidery month celebrations.

The best bit is that it’s not just suitable for momentous magazine birthdays, it’ll be pretty handy for regular people birthdays, too! If you need another reason to crack the needle and thread, their Easter-themed 250th Issue has a whole heap of frankly awesome patterns to inspire you – including delicious cupcake designs from Tinou le Joly Sénoville. Nom. You can buy Cross Stitcher issue 250 here or download the digital issue for your phone or tablet.

And don't forget you can download more Emily Peacock charts over on our main site.

Stitch-tastic embroidery inspiration

Our embroidery month series is in full swing! To continue our celebration of all things stitchy, we’ve rounded up the loveliest embroidery projects we can find…

Our stitch crush of the week award

Congratulations to Sewing Seed - aka lifelong-stitcher & Etsy-seller Tina from Jacksonville, Florida - you're the winner of our unofficial stitchtasticastical inspiration of the week award *queue much cheering and chinking of coffee cups in appreciation here at The Making Spot HQ*.

We've just stumbled upon Tina's downloadable cross stitch patterns and have developed a new craft crush. Especially as they're quick stitch - so have still got loads of time to stitch-up her simple but stylish designs like this Let it snow downloadable cross stitch pattern  - shown here stitched up in white thread on rustic-aida.

Quick-stitch Christmas greeting

It never ceases to amaze me the variation in effects you can achieve with simple cross stitch charts. This whole stitch greeting needs no backstitch (another reason it gets a place in my Xmas cross stitch wish list).

Whole stitch cross stitch deer pattern

Hello deer... as well as offering up some light-hearted festive patterns for stitchers, she's also got woodland creatures galore on offer. This deer cross stitch pattern is one of a range of animals you can stitch up using just whole stitches - no fiddly fractionals or pesky colour changes required!

Cross stitch a cute fox

And finally in this round up of my favourite designs in the Sewing Seeds range. This Cute fox cross stitch pattern was inspired by Japanese origami art. It's last but not least in my selection of favourite designs posted here as I'm dedicating it to Lyndsey (my fellow The Making Spot Community Ed) - as she has a penchant for foxy craft projects.

Art meets cross stitch

This made me smile today... artist Nils Viga Hausken makes art from cross stitch... love it! His cross stitched QR code does actually work when you scan it...

His blend of stitching and artwork also includes public embroidery exhibition (where visitors who came along each embroidered secrets in braille) and a self portrait in cross stitch on linen.

Cross stitch QR codes

Nils' artwork got me thinking about some of the art-inspired projects we've got on offer over on The Making Spot. With our downloadable charts you can cross stitch some of the world's most famous masterpieces...

Stitch your own sunflowers with this chart by Maria Diaz...

Cross stitching out of season

OK OK so here in England the air is getting chilly and the Christmas vibes on the high street are gathering pace with Christmas gift guides and festive craft projects everywhere you look. But as every stitcher knows, Christmas isn't the only reason to get crafting in the winter months. This Perfect Pair set of romantic cards is one of my all-time favourite out-of-season stitching projects! They're a pretty nifty project if you've got winter weddings or anniversaries coming up, or *shock*if you're THAT organised you're thinking ahead to Valentine's day... he he.

Free pattern: Liberty Cross Stitch Needlecase

Looking for something new to make this weekend? Good news fellow crafty pals... we've arranged for a free taster project for you from Helene Le Berre's new book - Liberty Cross Stitch: 24 designs to sew. Read on to find out how to make this charming needlecase - and download the free cross stitch chart. Stitch this sweet needle case on to linen for a classic feel, then sew up the results with lovely Liberty print fabric for a classy way to keep track of your needles!